Past trips

These are the Rocket Science Sailing trips made during the last years. Getting jealous? Click on the link to make a trip happen again!

Year Area Crew Nationalities Specialities
2011 Denmark
Around Fyn
PL, BR, HU  
2012 Germany/Denmark
Rostock - Kobenhavn
PL, DE, BR  
2013 Poland/Russia
BR, AU, DE, HU 750 nm! Night legs with shifts, entering Russia
2013 Netherlands
DE, BY 24 Uurs Zeilrace - Spinnaker training & Regatta
2013 Poland
AU, CZ, RU, EN, PL  
2014 Netherlands
DE, AU, RU Passing locks, night sailing, leakage in boat
2014 Germany
DE Everyone passed
2014 Germany
DE ...and again!
2014 Netherlands
BR, AU, DE, KZ Bryskaln channels, traditional Dutch boat
2014 Greece BR, US, RU, PL Roman-catholic mooring; tough weather sailing
2014 Baltic Coast PL Skipper training, one-hand sailing
2015 Germany
AU, RU Skipper training
2015 Poland/Russia
DE, AU, PL Night legs with shifts, entering Russia
2015 Estonia/Finland/Russia
Tallinn/St. Petersburg/Helsinki
RU, AU, DE, US Long legs with shifts, three countries tour, Sightseeing in St Petersburg
2015 Germany
Flensburg - Breege
AU, PL Coastal trip in the snow
2016 Germany
Breege - Flensburg
AU, PL More luck this time - no snow, more sightseeing
2016 Germany
PL, DE, BY Weekend trip
2016 England
UK - Thames
PL, IL, AU About 40 locks to pass in a narrowboat - 40 ft long and 20 tons!
2016 Netherlands
DE, CZ, FR, CN, PL Weekend sailing with short skipper training
2016 Netherlands
BY, PL, RU  
2016 France & Channel Islands DE, CZ, PL Race of Alderney, trip coordination with tides and currents
2016 Netherlands
DE, CN, PL, IL Platbodemboat Kikkerkoning - sailing with leeboards, and on one day with a broken rudder
2016 Greece DE, PL, RU Crossing the Canal of Corinth, Bathing bays
2016 Germany
DE, CZ, PL Practical exam: Everyone passed. Anchoring manoevre at the Schlei, extreme fuel saving due to petrol station shortage
2017 Thailand
DE, US, RU, PL Anchorage, tides, catamaran sailing, typical equatorial wheather
2017 Croatia
Krk, Cres
DE, JP, RU, PL, BY Bora, Anchorage, Bathing bays
2018 Italy
Aoelian Islands, Sicily
RU, IZ, BY Active volcano, Doplhins, Anchorage, Bathing bays
2018 Russia
Baikal lake
DE, RU, BY Buriatian food, Baikal lake navigation, Baikal sailing community
2018 Russia
Siine, Yakutia
PL, BY Kayaking, Taiga, Camping, River Lena