Jumbo 40


This a rather sportic sailing trip on a cruising version of Class 40 sailing yacht - Jumbo 40.

"Class 40 is a class of monohull sailboat and a yacht primarily used for short handed offshore and coastal racing. The class is administered by International Class 40 Association which is recognised by the International Sailing Federation.
The Class 40 monohulls are high-performance racing boats, designed principally for single-handed or small crew offshore competition."
(C) Wikipedia

We would start from Cherbourg, France. Take one day training by an professional Class 40 sailor,  spend one day in proximity of Cherbourg to race there and back to get a hand for the boat. Then we will head to Isle of Wight, aiming The Needles and explore south coast of England.

We will try to approach Portsmouth by the night or late evening to enjoy unique illumination of the shore with blue lights.

Generally, this sailing trip is dedicated in first place to the sportic sailing than to sightseeng.

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Some pictures*

Source of  pictures is Wikipedia

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  4. By bobostudio - route_du_rhum_2014-22, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36845539
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