Athenes - Canal of Corinth


This is a relaxing cruise holiday in the Saronic Gulf. There are plenty of beautiful bays to anchor in and enjoy swimming and sunbathing on sandy beaches. Local bars provide regional specialities and the night's fabulous sky is full of stars.

We start from Athens and sail to the Corinthian Canal; crossing it takes around one hour. Going with a small yacht through this narrow passage with high rock walls so close on both sides is a breathtaking experience!

The next highlight of our trip is the Methana island. The island is actually an extinct volcano. Its activity resulted in the creation of thermal springs. There we take a relaxing bath in white, sulfur water and... why not to go on a small excursion to find one of the Methana's caves! :-)

Going to Greece in the end of September or beginning of October ensures pleasent weather conditions, enough wind and low humidity.

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