Pogo 12.50 in Greece


This is a relaxing sportic cruise holiday exploring the idyllic Greek Cyclades islands. These are known to be a sailing paradise with stunning landscapes and beautiful anchorages. We will sail from one island to another during the day and visit charming Greek towns in the evening.

We start from Athens and head to scenic Cycladic islands. On the way there we pass Cape Sounion with remains of the temple of Posejdon. The Cycladic island closest to Athens is Kea. Its beautiful almond and oak groves delight the eye.

The next island which we could visit is the Kythnos island known from its hot springs in Loutra and picturesque Sandbar bay: the perfect place to anchor in and enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

The capital island of the Cyclades complex is the island Syros. Two temples are overlooking terraces of white houses climbing the slopes of its biggest port town Ermoupolis. The view makes a big impression. We could relax on the Miaoulis square lined with marble and surroundend with nice cafes.

In the north-west of another island, the Sifnos, on a very high cliff, one can see medieval ruins and enjoy a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.

Going to Greece in the September or beginning of October ensures pleasant weather conditions, enough wind and low humidity.

As yacht we take Class40 yacht Pogo 12.50. Swing keel, all set of sails, assymetrical spinnaker, Code 0, Solent, Square Top Main sail, water balasts, no backstays, three cabins, separate toilet, kitchen and furniture. That all promis
perfect combination of fast sailing and cruising.

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Source of  pictures is Wikipedia

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