What is most completed trip

    List of trips in completion order.

    Trip nameDateLeft daysFree placesConfirmed?
    [Fun with friends] Sailing Gulf of Riga2024-07-201 months 5 days7 free (0%)no
    [Exotic sailing] Sailing in Seychelles2024-08-031 months 18 days7 free (0%)no
    [Sailing impressions] Sailing on Lofoten2024-08-162 months 1 days4 free (0%)no
    [Sailing impressions] Sailing to POGO 12.50 in Greece2024-10-123 months 27 days5 free (0%)no
    [Fun with friends] Sailing in Greece II: Zakinthos2024-10-123 months 27 days7 free (0%)no
    [Exotic sailing] Sailing in Tahiti2024-10-214 months 6 days9 free (0%)no
    [Exotic sailing] Sailing in Thailand2024-12-286 months 13 days8 free (0%)no
    [Exotic sailing] Sailing POGO12.50 in Caribbean sea2025-01-257 months 10 days5 free (0%)no
    [Sailing impressions] Sailing in Schweden2024-07-271 months 12 days1 free (0.8%)yes
    Norway2024-06-150 days2 free (0.71428571428571%)yes

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