Typical sailing trip

    How a typical sailing trip looks like.

    Once everyone has arrived at the marina, it's hard to keep people from storming the yacht. But just like with rental cars, rental boats have to be checked very carefully before departure. No one wants to realize at night that the lights are not working... Ours thorough checks have already saved the crews from some surprises during the trip.

    If the boat and it's equipment are complete, the crew members find their cabin places, fill their wardrobes (so little space...!) and the kitchen and then, finally...! No, we're not leaving yet.

    Safety comes first on the Rocket Science Sailing trips: Before the first time out on the water, Our skipper will make everyone familiar with the boat, it's safety equipment, the personal gear (safety vest, belt), and important routines e.g. in case of emergency. All fire-on-board, person-over-board, leak drills are discussed, SOS/MAYDAY on VHF or not are demonstrated, emergency raft is explained, on personal safety we put a special accent.

    Ready for takeoff...

    Then and only then the moment has come to leave the marina. As soon as the boat is moving, there are several tasks to fulfill: Navigation, steering, lookout, handling the sails, snack preparation...

    The crew memRbSeSrusXdLodiWEe generally take shifts on all tasks. Depending on your level of experience, the responsibilities vary. As a beginner, you might learn from the start how to move safely on board, how to steer the boat, and how to use the compass. If you've spent half of your life on sailing boats, you might be asked to prove your skills as a navigator, suggesting sailing legs and watching the proceedings on your own.

    Whatever your level is, you can rely on three points:

    • There are no stupid questions – if you're insecure, you'll get help and advice at any time. This will be less and less necessary, as your skills with the boat will grow quickly.

    • The skipper will stay in control of the boat. He's always there to make sure that the crew is working together, that everyone gets their share of learning, practice, and chocolate, and that the safety on board is guaranteed.

    • It's a fun trip, not an exam, not a race, not a contest... Broaden your horizon, train some new skills, enjoy the feeling of controlling the boat – and relax! The daily plans will be adapted to the crew's condition and the weather.

    A day at sea

    On most of the days, the crew members wake up in the morning, and a volunteer prepares breakfast in the boat's kitchen. After eating and when everyone has returned from the restrooms of the marina, we discuss the day's plan, look for weather, gather wishes and ideas, the boat is prepared for leaving, and the trip continues.

    Between the shifts at the helm and at the sails, everyone also has breaks for reading or taking a nap in the cabin... or simply for sitting outside, watching the water race by, and getting into the “sea state” of mind where time passes differently... Lunch is often served during the trip, sometimes as soup and sandwiches, sometimes as a fully cooked meal. At the end of the day, the boat approaches a new marina, before or after sunset.

    Night sailing is fun – navigating between the thousands of lights close to the shore is a unique experience and shouldn't be missed! As usual, Skipper will take care of the boat and make sure that no one runs it into unlighted objects. Once it's safely moored at the harbor, the crew members can enjoy a harbor beer, and dinner is prepared. After dinner, the new place is to be explored... but don't go to bed too late, the next day will again be full of action!

    Coming home

    A week usually passes too quickly. When the day has come to return the boat, the crew members use free time during the last sailing leg to empty the cabins and the kitchen, and to clean the boat. After arrival, the luggage is unloaded, and the renting company will do a brief check to assure that boat and equipment fine. This is the time to say goodbye... and to go browsing Rocket Science Sailing for the next sailing holiday!

    Choose your sailing experience!

    • I want to try sailing

      2-4 days

      595 €

      How goes sailing?

      A short sailing trip, perhaps over long weekend, for everyone who just wants to try out sailing.

    • Fun with friends

      1 week

      952 €

      Normal trip

      Best for a week of vacations, with friends or family. Some sailing, some sightseeing, pure fun!

    • Sailing impressions

      1 week

      1309 €

      Sailing! Sailing!

      Best for trips on special yachts such as Class 40, POGO, Benetue First, X-Yachts, Plattbodem.

    • Exotic places sailing

      1 week

      1785 €

      Exotic places

      Sailing in exotic locations such as Carribbean, Bahamas, Thailand, Great Barrier. To escape winter.

    • Hire me as skipper

      flexible duration


      All licenses

      Team building events. Personal sailing wishes. All yachts, all places.

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