Choose your sailing experience!

    • I want to try sailing

      2-4 days

      595 €

      How goes sailing?

      A short sailing trip, perhaps over long weekend, for everyone who just wants to try out sailing.

    • Fun with friends

      1 week

      952 €

      Normal trip

      Best for a week of vacations, with friends or family. Some sailing, some sightseeing, pure fun!

    • Sailing impressions

      1 week

      1309 €

      Sailing! Sailing!

      Best for trips on special yachts such as Class 40, POGO, Benetue First, X-Yachts, Plattbodem.

    • Exotic places sailing

      1 week

      1785 €

      Exotic places

      Sailing in exotic locations such as Carribbean, Bahamas, Thailand, Great Barrier. To escape winter.

    • Hire me as skipper

      flexible duration


      All licenses

      Team building events. Personal sailing wishes. All yachts, all places.

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      • Pavel Saviankou

        Pavel Saviankou

        "Well, i'm the boss, head hancho, el numero uno, Mr. Big, the Godfather, Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Identity, Taxi Driver, Jaws, i forgot the question a while back" -Douglas Reynolds.

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        Wise man said:

        "The sea finds out everything you did wrong."

        ―Francis Stokes