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    Choose a trip for the different occasion you might have.

    Are you spontaneous? Or might be, you have some extra hours to burn? Might be you are a teacher and want to use school vacation? Or you are sick of the cold, wet winter and would like to celebrate NY rather with piña colada, than in snow and wind? Here we have TRIP for you!

    • I'm spontaneous!
      I'm spontaneous!

      For your spontaneous side!

      List of all trips, which do start not later than 1 month from today!

      Take look, like some tri, grab your friends, your favorite cloths and join as there is not tomorrow!

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    • Winter escape
      Winter escape

      You have anough of all the snow, rain and cold? We too!

      Look at all the sailing trips in exotic places during the cold and wet times, pick one, grab your friends and join!

      Here is the list of trips we suggest during the cold month of december, january ans february

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    • Permanent vacations
      Permanent vacations

      School, that omnipresent school!

      Once the life is rotating around the school schedule - there is barely escape. Work, family, rest - all has to go along the school program. If you can make holydays only during the school vacations , this is place for you!

      Take look which sailing trips are planned for the period of time of school vacations (Germany), or suggest some dates!

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    • Adults only
      Adults only

      You like challenge?! Do you prefer performance than comfort!? Then this is for you

      Hare are sailing trips listed, where we do not recommend to take your kids with you, as the trip might have overnight legs, or we sail on a performance racing yacht, or it might be rather chalenging area like english channel or Biskaya.

      Take look, choose one, grab your equalminded folk and join!

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    • Sailing emotions!
      Sailing emotions!

      Trips for those who like it serious!

      We offer trips on an offshore racong yachts of various classes. Mostly Class40 or POGO Structures

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    • Captain Sparrow
      Captain Sparrow

      Trips for those who would like to be skipper!

      We advise you to take closer look at our training . You can gain a lot of practise with Rocket Science Sailing if you join to our POGO and Class40 trip. After the successful exam we can include you into the list of our skippers and you can take over some of ur trips and collect even more experience on you skipper's shoulders!

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    Wise man said:

    "The sea finds out everything you did wrong."

    ―Francis Stokes