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    Trip organization (17)

    All quastions about the organization of sailing trip
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    How to join/hire (43)

    All questions about how to join to the trip or how to hire Rocket Science Sailing for own event

    All about the sailing

    All about the sailing (19)

    All questions about the sailing

    Choose your sailing experience!

    • I want to try sailing

      2-4 days

      595 €

      How goes sailing?

      A short sailing trip, perhaps over long weekend, for everyone who just wants to try out sailing.

    • Fun with friends

      1 week

      952 €

      Normal trip

      Best for a week of vacations, with friends or family. Some sailing, some sightseeing, pure fun!

    • Sailing impressions

      1 week

      1309 €

      Sailing! Sailing!

      Best for trips on special yachts such as Class 40, POGO, Benetue First, X-Yachts, Plattbodem.

    • Exotic places sailing

      1 week

      1785 €

      Exotic places

      Sailing in exotic locations such as Carribbean, Bahamas, Thailand, Great Barrier. To escape winter.

    • Hire me as skipper

      flexible duration


      All licenses

      Team building events. Personal sailing wishes. All yachts, all places.

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      Wise man said:

      "The sea finds out everything you did wrong."

      ―Francis Stokes