[Sailing impressions] Sailing in Greece on POGO 12.50

    We sail on POGO 12.50 in Greece!

    This is a round trip from Laurium to Cyclades and a wonderful sailing expedition on a Pogo40 yacht. 

    Cyclades are a group of Greek islands located about 17 nm south from our starting marina in Laurium. They are known from the white towns located on rocky landscapes and sandy beaches with emerald waters. We will not only enjoy the views from the deck of the yacht but also be wandering through the narrow alleys between charming whitewashed houses. We will find many small shops, cafes, taverns and beautiful corners. 

    The Cyclades includes about 220 islands, Nexos being the biggest one. Most of the islands are small and uninhabited. Depending on the weather and our preferences we can chose which islands we will visit and which we will just pass by. Here are some examples.

    The island closest to the mainland is Kea. It differs from other archipelago islands in that it has forests and farmhouses. The oak forests that cover the island were important part of local economy. They were source of chemicals used to tan leather. Local vineyards produce the red Mavroudi wine. When on Kea, one should try local cheeses like spicy kopanisti, sour xino or salty xirotiri and taste the Tsigaropita, which is Kea’s original pie made with tsigara (pieces of meat preserved in its own fat), eggs, milk, anise and sesame.

    If we will be sailing near the Kythnos island, we should make a stop at the Kolona beach which is a line of sand dividing the sea. One of the features of Kythnos is the large number of bays and coves along the coastline which are suitable for anchoring. The local honey is known from its high amount of thyme.

    On the island Syros, the capital of Cyclades, we could have a beautiful hike to the amazing and small St. Stephanos church built inside a cave (proper shoes needed!).

    One of the less touristic cycladic island is Sifnos. It is were the cook Tselemendes known as the father of Greek cookbooks was born. He was so famous, that the word "tselementes" is used nowadays to mean "cookbook". It is said, that bad food doesn't exist on Sifnos. For this reason, this is the place to definitely go out for dinner.

    East from Sifnos, there are islands Paros and its smaller sister Antiparos. Both islands are great places for snorkeling. There are a lot of different fishes and, with a little bit of luck, one can meet here sea turtles as well.

    The cycladic island have a lot to offer and we will be hopping between them on a beautiful race boat Pogo40. It develops high speeds and, at the same time, it has all the comfort of a cruising yacht. Its special keel makes it possible to reach places too flat for other boats and so, one can visit also more quiet bays where one can snorkel, swim, eat and relax. In such a bay, one can spend a whole night, far away from the city lights, admiring the majestic Milky Way and counting the falling stars.

    On a typical sailing day, we would leave the marina (or the anchoring place) after breakfast, towards the next island we decided to explore. On the way, we would stop in a bay of choice for lunch and swimming. Once we have reached our destination we would go on land to explore it. It is up to us, if we want to have dinner on the boat or in one of the local restaurants and, if we will find particular place to be especially interesting, we can consider to spent there a whole day as well.

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