[Sailing impressions] Sailing in Sweden

    Let us sail among Swedish skerries!

    Let us sail through the picturesque Swedish archipelago, starting in the breathtaking capital city of Stockholm. As we make our way towards the Baltic Sea, we will have the chance to explore the beauty of nature, with its untouched islets, spruce forests and an abundance of mushrooms and berries.

    Once we reach the Baltic Sea, we will stop in the Finnish archipelago island of Åland, where we can take a hike around the island and explore its unique features. Then, we will make our way towards Finland and the city of Turku - home to the old Turku Castle and the Cathedral of Turku.

    On our return journey, we will be treated to endless islands, breathtaking archipelago landscapes and some of the most beautiful scenery the Nordic countries have to offer. Take a walk in the forest, go fishing, or even take a dip in the cold Nordic waters, if you dare! And don't forget to enjoy a Finnish sauna in each port we stop at.

    Come join us for a magical sailing trip through the Swedish archipelago - it will be an unforgettable experience!

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    Wise man said:

    "The sea finds out everything you did wrong."

    ―Francis Stokes